Nowhere to run

They were just meters away. The white I observed in the moonlight was holding a Beretta in firing position with the black goon who camouflaged perfectly with the dark shadows of his ally sporting a long aluminum machete. I immediately calculated my chances and upon considerations of previous encounters with the cold white beast I quickly trashed the stupid idea of retracting. Finally we were together. Eye to eye. I had evaded him for an eternity but now there was nowhere to run. My faculties were perfectly aware the oncoming conversation would be nasty. A wall of tension was all that separated myself and the two ravaging blood thirsty savages


The apocalypse 

The room was filled with high voltage tension I swear I could hear it. Briefly, I even thought I could touch it.For a moment we were back to that frightening Fridays afternoon when all things went haywire and the temples curtain was shred into mincemeat in front of terrified Pharisees, scribes, Pontius Pilate and ofcourse Herod .As the distance between the enemy and I  grew shorter it was like the countdown to a fatal apocalypse.Every second longer than than usual. Momentarily, I recalled my university professor’s lecture that time just like space can be altered dimensionally. The next few were like a blur and even today I’ve never really come to terms with what happened. The end I was aware of my neglible ability to alter it’s outcome but just like that day in Jerusalem,what transpired is a more suited a mind rather than mouth conversation.

Life is full of shades of grey ;

That I’ve seen;

At my younger days; 

The looks will not tell my story; 

The shades I have seen;

Like a lion of the Mara;

Always firm and dominant; 

In famine and rain; 

I’ll stand unbowed;

I’ll ascend to my throne;

            -JM RUSSIAN 

Quantum mechanics

According to Heisenberg uncertainty principle or

indeterminacy principle, statement,

  • articulated (1927) by the German physicist Werner Heisenberg , that the position and the velocity of an object cannot both be measured exactly, at the same time, even in theory. The very concepts of exact position and exact velocity together, in fact, have no meaning in nature. Meaning tsubatomic particles are influenced by their position and momentum.NOTE matter behave both as a particle and wave_ duality principle.

Rocksteady legends

Eric Donaldson 

U Roy 

Sophia George 

The melodians

Don Carlos

Wailing souls

The wailers; 

Bob Marley,

Peter tosh,

Bunny wailer 

I Roy

The Ethiopians 

Freddie McGregor 

Burning spear 

Joseph hill 

Lucky dube

Joe higgs 

Mighty diamonds 

Mighty identity 

Mighty slaves 

Tony tuff

Buju Barton 

Rita Marley

Sonia Spense 

I three;

Judy Boucher 

Judy mowatt

Marcia grifiths

Alpha blondy 

Ub 40 

Clinton feron

Apple Gabriel 

Israel vibrations 

Lord laro

Jacob Miller 


The Israelites 

Stanley and the turbines 

Mighty itals

Captain tt


Jackie Edwards 


I recall when I was young, it was Sunday afternoon towards evening. I had not known many things and I had just returned from church catholic hyms still fresh in my mind. My father who I later came to understand was formlees would flip through the am, fm, sw band selection on the good old kinanda and finally settle for kbc English service. Sundowner was the show with good smooth music emanating from the vintage instrument’s speakers. Cathrine ndonye.. Tbt 

  • ​I had just recieved my nation id card and since I was crazy in love with Kenya was eager to exercise both my civic and human rights.Coincudentally The first oppotunity to test the waters of the ability of my newest acquisition coincided with the landing of a legendary reggae artist from Jamaica for a free concert in Kenya. Growing up I was treated to unlimited access to reggae and all sought of jamaican perephanalia mainly from my big bro and who had been recruited into rastafarianism and was fighting for emancipation with his squad. Anyway fast foward I had learned the trade and when Don carlos landed in jkia we swore to attend the show at kasarani. On the fatefull saturday morning we left Nakuru towards Nairobi as the show had coincided with the end of my first semister in college . As soon as we landed in the city  Master,  the self chosen leader of our group quicky suggested we refresh the rasta way at a popular riveroad joint known as relax. The inside activities were however far from the name suggested and since I was not very accastomed to the rasta ‘refreshments’  I excused myself with the aim of catching up with my crew for the rave. The short stint at the lounge left my confidence pretty high and crossing towards afya center I had a reccuring feeling of immortality. As a piece of advice when I was joining college my good old dad had warned me of the dangers that lied in the alive streets of the city in the sun. Whatever I had administered to my system at the joint definitely side effects of David to goliath elevation. 

Vic BELENKO ‘The defector’ 

When the stranded traveller first encounted the orgasmic  story of Victor Belenko his first Imression was an obscenely pornographic scene in the middle of a adrenaline elongating horror movie. When Belenko was caught in the middle of the russia – USA spy war, his decision to gallop away was decisive and a befitting  climax the entire dreamy encounter which is a basis for major political strategies in the present day. The stranded traveller warn that defections can just like cold war can win you battles both blody and dry. Ignore defections at your own peril 


The writter of this post is on a crossroad whose destination is unforseen. The biblical predictions of false prophets are on time so the stranded traveller can neither trust the traffic officer directing him North nor the less crowded South bound Highway. Stranded, he results to scribbling down until a sign drops him  hint. Im not a politician, am not political, i don’t have a political relative, my girl friend is not political and neither is my side chic. I rather am a man in the middle who will devote his most productive time, unused resorces, die hard backup and exponential influence to the aspirant whose ego serves my interests. The road I trod is still unknown but by its road exactly zero stones will be unturned. Its a story of a master strategist, think tank, mogul and astitute follower of DREAMS of both friends and foes